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Greg Zafiroff

After dropping out of an oil painting enrichment class in 1973, being bored that summer, I started playing with paints. I have been playing with paints ever since! I use mostly acrylic and watercolors, some oils and a few sculptures.  I take my inspiration from God, the beauty and artistry that he displays in the world. It might be a snow-laden blue spruce in the winter; or a summer sunset on Lake Michigan; perhaps the trees ablaze with reds yellows and oranges in the autumn or even flowers blooming like magic in the spring--usually visually recording these inspirations and then taking them to the canvas with whatever medium might work best to complete my interpretation of what God has given me; and all of it is for free!  Art has been a hobby of mine, and I have participated in several exhibitions and art fairs. I also enjoy playing the piano.

I work for the Vista Center, an agency that services the handicapped; and one of the programs is Art . The unique thing about the Vista Center is that it is now based in the Genesee Valley Mall in the JC Penney wing.. The Vista Center is using the front  of the store for the The Vista Visions Art Gallery . The purpose of the gallery is to give handicapped artists a chance to show, sell, or trade their artwork in a professional setting, something most artists do not have a chance to do. The Vista Visions gallery is accepting art from all artist but handicapped artist will have preference .

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