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Marilyn Lupu

Mlupu Profile.jpg

I am a fabric artist. My career began 42 years ago when I first learned the art of hand-stitched patchwork quilting. I fell in love with the way pieces of color & texture bounced off of each other creating something new & beautiful out of seemingly ordinary scraps of life. My love of piecing expanded to the intricate hand-stitching of crazy quilting. Bits of velvets, satins, lace, cottons & brocades now being woven together with delicate threads, yarns & silk ribbons. 


From here, I explored paper collaging, mixed media collaging, assemblage art, always with a bent to the whimsical & the inspirational, always piecing together small bits of the past with a touch of present-day experiences.  This brings me to my current work: the assembling of fabric & wool, hand stitched weighted base, gently stuffed creations, full of personality: the Tomte, Nisse, or Gnome, bringers of warmth, welcome & the unexpected smile to the home. 

Every Home Needs a Gnome: Living the Gnome Life with Swartz Creek Gnomes where whimsy, warmth & welcome turn hearts to what is possible.

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